FCC Licensing

Macon Communication can offer assistance with FCC Licensing and Narrowbanding

FCC Licensing

The FCC requires that users communicating on designated radio frequencies with certain radios be licensed. GMRS and BRS bands require FCC radio licensing. At Macon Communications, we are fully aware of all FCC radio licensing rules and regulations and can assist you in meeting the FCC radio licensing requirements. We offer a variety of radios that are 12.5 kHz-compatible.

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FCC Narrowbanding

To promote more efficient use of the VHF & UHF land mobile frequency bands, the FCC is mandating all public safety, industrial, and business licenses to convert any existing 25 kHz radio systems to a minimum narrowband 12.5 kHz system by January 1, 2013. 25 kHz systems will no longer be produced in 2011 and FCC radio licensing applications for those channels will no longer be accepted. Macon can help you make the transition effectively and assist you with any FCC radio licensing needs.

The new FCC radio licensing regulations do not require the use of only digital radios. There are many analog radios that can be switched to 12.5 kHz Motorola equipment compliant with the new FCC radio licensing regulations, such as the MOTOTRBO Radio System. There are many other Motorola radios available that are 12.5 kHz compatible as well.

Macon Communications can answer any questions you may have about FCC radio licensing. We can help you plan for the future with FCC-compliant two way radios.


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